Chinese car design aims to reach a new stage!

06/12/2016 14:16:35
Chinese car design aims to reach a new stage!
Chinese car manufacturers create their own car design, which will be unique and easily recognizable in the whole world.

Chinese cars are easily recognized. It is hard to notpass them. In most cases Chinese car manufacturers just blatantly copy foreign cars. As time passes, the Chinese auto industry starts to develop in a new direction. Its designers tend to reach a new level, making their car design unique. In this way they try to go international.



It is obvious, that they cannot do it on their own. Chinese automakers hire professional veterans from Europe and North America in order to create their own Chinese design. They want their cars to be distinguished from others. Chinese automakers also want their cars to be faster than ever.

Peter Horbury who is famous for his design work for Volvo and Ford, said that Chinese culture with its rich history should be reflected in art. Horbury added that animals play one of the biggest parts in Chinese culture. He also mentiones, that it is not right to search a human character in a car. One more important thing is that they will not create retro-styled cars.


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