Porsche Pajun caught testing!

06/01/2016 14:15:20
Porsche Pajun caught testing!
Does anyone remember of Porsche Pajun? The model was announced previously but somehow it went out of radar, and now the model is back!

Does anyone remember of Porsche Pajun? It had a great chance to become Porsche's rumored entry level sedan, but somehow is just went off the radar, and everyone forgot about it. We aren't sure for now, but it might possibly come back soon, at least that's what these photos show. 

The brand prepares a new vehicle which is amazing, the luxury cars may have high prices, but the fact that people buy them is real. Even considering all the predictions of strong auto sales drop, the brand stays on top with a 6,3% gain this month, that is great considering many other brands had strong decreases.


It might look like a coupe, a shortened version of the Panamera's platform thanks to obscured rear windows, and a very low driver's seating position but somehow we consider it a smaller sedan. Don't think too much about those rivet-like things at the front and rear, they are just a part of the camouflage. The car looks more like a mix of 911 and Panamera. The slim strip of taillight hiding beneath the rear camo reminds us of Panamera but the white housings have something in common with 911. Even though the news aren't official we think the car is in development and might hit the markets in 2019.





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